Many small to medium size businesses get started with a bang, ramp up to a certain level and then stagnate.  The reasons can be many...Sometimes the driving force behind the business becomes spread to thin to do all of the things necessary to encourage growth.  Sometimes they are great idea people, but lack the formal business training and experience needed to implement the structure required to support a growing enterprise.  Or, maybe they are sick of the operational headaches and just want to stick to the "fun stuff".  Whatever the reason, all that is usually needed is a little help.  However, it's hard on a budget to commit to hiring a full time staff of diverse executives.  A better and more effective way to get the high caliber talent is to "outsource" or contract it on a part time basis.  Whether it is a coaching assignment or a full blown implementation effort, Highland can help as much or as little as needed.  Don't be afraid to ask for the help, it's a sign of intelligence, not weakness.

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Business planning is core to any successful enterprise.  It all starts with the creation of a formal, written business plan.  Whether the firm is trying to gain funding from a bank or attract investors, the plan will be key.  It will also become the play book for day to day operations and decision making.  Highland has the experience writing plans that have garnered millions in funding and equity sales.  We can write you a professional plan that covers all the bases and you can literally take it to the bank. 



Is the business set up for optimum efficiency?  Do the various departments "play well" together?  Do you know your true costs?  How does overhead affect your competitive position?  Does every employee understand they need to support and contribute to revenue growth?  If not, we can help.  Not only can we identify areas for enhancement, but we are also experienced with "change management" and can assist with a direct, no B.S. yet gentle approach to any positive restructuring plan.



"I didn't choose this job, the job chose me."  Not every kid dreams of being a CEO when they grow up.  Some do, some have it thrust upon them.  Unfortunately, the broad topics and situations an executive has to tackle are so vast it's hard to create a generic training program and wrap it up with a red bow.  That's why coaching is so much more effective.  Rather than work on fabricated scenarios, let's work together on your real business issues and solve them with "real time" mentoring.