The SalesQB process begins with a Best Practices Audit.  The goal of the audit is to share industry leading methodologies you can implement to improve your sales as well as benchmark the organizations sales ecosystem vs. the best-of-breed in each category.  

We will use the 6-step "Path to Guaranteed Growth" as our road map for this report.  Each section will go into significant detail regarding the opportunities and best practices relating to that step in the process.

You may notice that The Path to Guaranteed Growth is different from many traditional sales improvement processes.  We feel that other processes focused on "fixing the sales force" with assessments, firings, and recruitment of new superstars may be the best for the Fortune 500, but it is cost-prohibitive and less effective for mid-sized and smaller businesses.  Rather than working to improve individual salesperson performance as step 1, we fix the "machine" first and THEN fine tune individual salesperson performance through real time coaching.


After learning more about your organization's current salespeople, systems and processes, you're SalesQB will compare our database of best practices to match your process vs. the best practices.  This will result in the creation of an in depth report showing both areas of strength and those you can improve.


We find that companies use this report in many ways.  For some, it's simply an opportunity to see how they stack up vs. great sales organizations.  For others, it's like a custom-written book full of information to tweak their current process.  For the ambitious, it's a blueprint to help overhaul and radically improve their sales organization.  How you use this data is up to you, but we have seen dramatic and transformative outcomes as a result of this process.


This audit report will follow the Path to Guaranteed Growth which is the same roadmap SalesQB's follow to tune-up company sales processes.  We do this because the process addresses the most impactful items first and decreases in potential impact as the roadmap continues.  Clients have found that following the roadmap helps to compartmentalize the process and allow for better implementation.  

Path to Growth Roadmap.jpg