Highland Management Consulting LLC is a unique Management, Sales Process and Marketing Strategy firm focused on growing small and medium businesses to their potential.  While most businesses are established on a good product idea or specialized skill set, the entrepreneurial ownership may not be fortunate enough to include formally trained and seasoned business managers with the experience to encourage and guide the growth process.   As the organization grows, it becomes harder to dot the i's and cross the t's without the addition of process and structure.  That's where Highland comes into play.  Why re-invent the wheel and subject the business to multiple cycles of trial and error?  Let Highland apply established and proven methods to support your organizations growth and follow with implementation of marketing strategies and sales processes guaranteed to bring the business home.  Yes, you read it right!  One of the many unique aspects of Highland is that implementation services are available for any plan we create.  We don't just hand off a plan and abandon you and you're business, we stick around and do the work.  


Below is a sampling of the services and programs offered by Highland:

  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring

  • Business Plan Creation (For business funding or equity sale)

  • Strategic Planning (Company Strategy and/or Product Line Strategy)

  • Course Correction & Change Management

  • Outsourced Sales Management (Via the highly effective SalesQB program)

  • Development of a Proven & Repeatable Sales Process

  • CRM Deployment and (reliable) Pipeline Creation 

  • Market Research (Competitive Market Mapping, Product Line Analysis)

  • Marketing Collateral (Web, SEO, Digital, Copy Creation, PR, Creative Services, Advertising, Exhibits)


Kevin Drummond Head shot.jpg
Kevin B Drummond
Professional Business Executive
BS/BA, Marketing & Management MBA, Corporate Finance


Kevin Drummond has spent 25+ years either running his own entrepreneurial ventures or as the "sales arm" on the executive management team of SMB's (small/medium businesses) with net revenues between 5 and 30 million dollars.  A more creative, enthusiastic and experienced sales pro is  hard to find at any budget, but you can benefit from Kevin's knowledge on an affordable part time or project basis.  If your exhausted from fighting 800lb gorillas for market share, bring Highland with you to the fray.  Our leader has been outsmarting big gorillas for decades.  He has the will, so there's always a way.